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Fee Structure and Application Form





The entrance fee and annual subscription shall be as follows :


Ordinary members 

  • Entrance Fee – RM 300.00

  • Annual Subscription Fee – RM 250.00

Life members 

  • Entrance Fee – RM 0.00

  • Single Payment – RM 5000.00

Junior members 

  • Entrance Fee – RM 150.00

  • Annual Subscription Fee – RM 150.00

Associate members 

  • Entrance Fee – RM 70.00

  • Annual Subscription Fee – RM 70.00

The membership shall be in good standing if all membership dues are current and members have attended at least one (1) meeting in 4 years. Members have to be in good standing in order to vote and hold office.


Membership applications can be made to the Secretary of the Society. A duly completed application form will be deliberated by the Executive Council and applications granted with the consent of the Executive Council.


Every applicant whose application has been approved shall, upon payment of the prescribed entrance fee and first annual subscription, be admitted as a member of the Society and shall be entitled to all the privileges of membership.


Please download the Membership Application Form below and contact MYSIR at for further information and enquiries.

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