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10 September 2015


1. Malaysian Board of Interventional Radiology (MBIR)


We are in the process of creating a Board for Interventional Radiology which incorporates representatives from the College of Radiology Academy of Medicine Malaysia, The Ministry of Health Malaysia, the Universities performing training programmes for Interventional Radiology and the Malaysian Society of Interventional Radiology.


The aim of this board is to be responsible for uniform training and accreditation of interventional radiologists, and will negotiate to have sub-specialist registration under the National Specialist Register.


2. Networking


We aim to forge links with the regional and international interventional societies in order to create opportunities to promote research and training.


3. Supporting Research


We aim to set up research registries within the centres providing interventional services to assess new devices or procedures.


4. Introduction Programme


Opportunities will be provided for a few interested selected candidates to attend our conferences in order to introduce this specialty to them and create interest in this field.


5. Knowledge Sharing


A series of interactive lectures will be provided for general practitioners to provide them with an understanding on how our specialty can assist them in patient care.


There will also be road shows and awareness campaigns to provide members of the public with information on disease process, prevention and treatment


6. New Technology


Workshops and training will be conducted on new research and technology so that our members can be kept up to date


7. CME & CPD Programmes


An annual scientific meeting will be held, focusing on a particular disease process. We aim to conduct this in a multidisciplinary manner in order to provide a complete picture from disease process, prevention, medical treatment, surgical treatment and interventional treatment.


Smaller workshops will be conducted, particularly with visiting specialists, in order to keep our members updated.

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