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Message from the President - Dr Nur Adura Yaakup

2020 - 2022


President of the Malaysian Society of Interventional Radiology (MYSIR) 


Welcome to the home of the Malaysian Society of Interventional Radiology (MYSIR). 


Malaysian Society of Interventional Radiology is the society that represents interventional radiologists (IR) in Malaysia. IR traces its roots in Malaysia way back to the 1980s when it was pioneered by Dr. Abdul Samad Sakijan, who was then the Professor in Radiology at the National University of Malaysia. He laid strong groundwork and stimulated interest amongst young fellows to take up this specialty. Today, IR is one of the most sought after subspecialties in medicine.


MYSIR envisions a positive growth in IR services in Malaysia and globally. Being a minimally invasive subspecialty, IR offers a safer and less invasive alternative treatment solution in many clinical entities, apart from its roles in complementing surgeries, provides palliative options for conditions with no surgical solution as well as bailing out clinicians in times of medical emergencies. With more awareness and acceptance of IR technology in the other clinical fields and public entity, IR should grow and should become part of the clinical management work flow. With the upcoming national healthcare scheme, IR will be stronger and its presence should have more impact in the practice of medicine locally and globally.


Even before MYSIR began, under the College of Radiology Academy of Medicine Malaysia, the IRs have been active in academic endevours through organising events like EINR 2001, EINR 2002, EINR 2006, multiple TWINS conferences; Masterclass workshops in Hepasphere workshop, APCCVIR 2008, etc.


When MYSIR was formed, focused effort was made to grow and enhance our presence domestically and internationally. This is evident when we look back at the regional events that MYSIR (through its presidents, members and board members) has actively participated in APCCVIR 2014, APCCVIR 2016, APSCVIR 2018, ACTA 2017, APAITO 2018, AAFITN 2018, TACIO 2017, TACIO 2018, APASL2018 and APPLES 2018 and many more. 


On a national level, MYSIR actively organises its annual scientific meetings and the popular Masterclass in TACE and Multidisciplinary Oncology Symposium Malaysia 2017. 


For the benefit of our members, MYSIR is looking forward to a more cohesive collaboration with CIRSE, Society of Interventional Oncology (SIO), APSCVIR, APAITO, ACTA, APPLE and APASL in promoting the services and conducting training workshops for the local IRs and trainees. 


For those interested in pursuing this subspecialty in Radiology, currently, there are multiple academic training centres in Radiology and Interventional Radiology locally, promoting and training new IRs annually. To find out more, get in touch with our MYSIR Secretariat.

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