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MYSIR is committed to bring interventional radiology to the forefront of medical practice in Malaysia, improving patient treatment and increasing their quality of life.


We hope to do so by;


1. Improving the practice of interventional radiology through educational activities.


2. Promotion of communication between the society with the government, other medical disciplines, supporting industries and with private and public medical facities.


3. Encouraging research in the field of interventional radiology. 


4. Forming networks with other society. 


MYSIR is pleased to offer this site to our corporate partners, where the latest technology can be promoted.


We also welcome sponsorship of educational activities, where our members will have the opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge.


MYSIR is in support of research opportunities that will advance the field of interventional radiology. MYSIR believe that through research together with corporate partnership and innovative technology, interventional procedures will be made available to more patients while increasing the physician’s expertise.


MYSIR encourages fellowship programmes that will enhance the practice of interventional radiology. Partnership with other societies and fellowship opportunities will not only benefit the fellows but will also form invaluable ties for further cooperation.


Please email MYSIR at for further enquiries. 

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